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What is zinc dust? And what applications does it have in the industry?

What is zinc dust? And what applications does it have in the industry?

What is zinc dust? And what applications does it have in the industry?
Zinc dust is one of the products that has many applications in industry. Zinc dust is a product that is often getting it wrong with zinc powder and these two products have different uses and functions. The reason for the difference between the two products is the difference in particle size and grain size.  zinc dust particles are smaller in size, averaging 2 to 9 microns, and zinc powder is larger than 9 microns.
Application of zinc dust in industry
Zinc dust has many uses and it is very important that you should know and use it properly. zinc dust plays an important role in the industry. Different producers use zinc phosphide with other compounds to produce different chemicals. Most applications of zinc dust are those in which zinc powder is also used.
Zinc is used to prevent rusting of other metals such as iron. One of the best ways to protect your metal from rust is to use zinc dust galvanizing.
One of the important roles of zinc in the chemical industry is to produce different chemicals that manufacturers use zinc phosphide with various other compounds.
Other applications
In addition to the above, zinc dust can be used as a precipitate. Zinc can be used to purify various solutions containing metals such as cadmium, copper, silver and gold.
In order to paint structures such as sea tools, roofs and platforms, zinc dust is a suitable cover. Zinc-based paints are also used to paint bridges, Because this coverage is insoluble in water.
Specialists create a protective coverage on the steel by performing a mechanical galvanizing process. To do this, first clean the steel and then place it in a container containing zinc dust.
Zinc paint is very durable and galvanizing many clamps and anchors is done mechanically. To maintain the smoothness of the surface, the galvanizing process is performed to protect the zinc. Micronized zinc dust is also used in the production of zinc-rich paints.


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